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OD. 1mm to 20mm PTFE hose by Pure Virgin PTFE resin

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PTFE's intro:

ONE. PTFE is just a fluorocarbon.

TWO. The physical qualities of pTFE are reduced when compared with materials that are additional,

And certainly will be properly used over an temperatures selection that was wide.

THREE. Adding additives often enhances physical qualities.

FOUR. It's exemplary energy and electric efficiency qualities along with a

Reduced coefficient of rubbing.

FIVE. PTFE is CAn't and extremely thick by burning be refined.

SIX. PTFE sintered and must certanly be compacted to create designs that were helpful.

Braided Line

Product Information:

ONE. Really Lubricious - Cheapest coefficient of rubbing of any plastic

TWO. Operating heat array 500°F (260°C) to -454°F (270°C)

THREE. Chemically Resistant (Most typical solvents, chemicals and angles)

FOUR. Inert

FIVE. Lower extractable

SIX. Exceptional Dielectric Insulation Attributes

Types Specification
  OD(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
Pressed Pipe 1-25 0.1 - 2.5 As requirements
Extruded Pipe 25 - 200 1.5 - 8 As requirements
Moulded Pipe 25 - 1800 5 - 500 100 - 300

Non standard:

ONE. Top quality items using cost that is aggressive.

TWO. Dimension: As the needs you have, PTFE items can be supplied by us

Using different types of types according examples or your sketches.

THREE. OEM is encouraged.


ONE. Deterioration- feeding tubes, proof tube and fixtures: plumbing, tube contacts,

Release cables, pipes along with other versatile covering

TWO. Substance products: a heat-exchanger, distillation device (structure reactor, pylon, heat exchangers, aquariums, valves, arms, tops, etc.)

THREE. Gasoline dialysis membrane, electrolytic membrane, oil membrane, etc.

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