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Dia. 1mm to 600mm PTFE Rod by Pure Virgin PTFE resin

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PTFE Rod & Tube

We concentrate on PTFE pipe and high quality PTFE rod ideal for contemporary machining that is today’s.

Utilizing register of more than 200 stuffed our and PTFE levels in house mixing amenities, mix and we use clients to build up levels to match programs that are particular.

Mixing this with machining amenities and this completed element style we've the competitive benefit of supplying effective finish to a cost -to- service.


Rod 1mm - 200mm Ø as much as duration that is 4000mm

Extruded Tubing 15mm - 150mm Ø as much as duration that is 4000mm

PTFE thin-wall insert extruded in a number of colors and dimensions

Stress-relieving support open to allow machining to specifications that are limited

In-house testing and strength

Accuracy running support to make sure specifications that are close for machining that is contemporary.

Moulded Rod and pipe that is PTFE

Molded Supports 3mm - 50mm Ø as much as 200mm measures

Molded Supports 1mm - at measures that are different

Molded Pipes 20mm - at measures that are different

A distinctive unique procedure to create measures of low-stress substance for high accuracy machining of 2000mm inside a tolerance group that is thin

Over 1500 resources accessible from our constantly growing variety

Connection support and etching available

Supplies are trained and tension-treated to make sure maximum quality for present day machining centers