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China Autai PTFE sheet,rod,tube,gasket

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Following a Teflon, gets these faculties:

1, perhaps not unattractive: almost all the substance isn't merged with Teflon finish. Excellent adhesion characteristics were also shown by thinfilm.

2 -opposition: Teflon layer has exceptional low-temperature and temperature resistance properties. Short time could be high warmth to 300 Celsius between 240 Celsius use, with thermal balance that is considerable, it may function without embrittlement in cold conditions, doesn't soften at high conditions.

3, the opposition that is slipping: Teflon coating includes a reduced co efficient of friction.

4, humidity-opposition: Teflon coating area- water production procedures may also not be difficult to drop solution, for instance a little quantity of muck that is desperate, basically wipe clean. Downtime is brief, improve performance.

5 with exceptional use-resistance, under fat that is high. Using the sides which are double, employ-resilient and low-adhesion in a specific weight.

From being any kind of material damage to safeguard elements, 6, rust-resistance: Teflon almost free from medicines erosion.

Several high warmth Teflon wire insulation have made