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High temperature resistant performance and silicon rubber PTFE gasket contrast

2014/1/31      view:

High temperature resistant performance and silicon rubber PTFE Gasket contrast

About the substance qualities, is less simple, below just short release.

The absolute most popular for NBR, relevant in many events, oil opposition is great, the heat is -30~100 ℃ planning.

Science, chemistry of fluorine plastic than NBR rubber high heat is -20~200 ℃, planning, acidity and alkali tolerant capability is powerful, great vacuum-seal purpose.

PTFE Machine efficiency of plastic plastic and high heat opposition, could be considered the very best within the body that was flexible. 246 after aging for 16 hrs at 350 ℃ warm air to maintain great elasticity, ageing after 110 minutes to keep great elasticity in 400 ℃ heat, warm air aging at-400 ℃ after 110 moments, rubber elongation comprising carbon black, spray pyrolysis carbon black or carbon-fiber power decrease increase around 1/2~1/3, about 1/2, nevertheless maintain the great elasticity.

Great aging weight performance

Gasket has exceptional climate resistance ozone resistance, and ageing resistance. Based on reviews, DuPont created VitonA set the awareness in atmosphere of 0.01% after 45 times of no apparent break, for 10 years efficiency is acceptable. Sort 23 PTFE gasket ozone resistance, climate aging opposition and exemplary.

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