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China Autai Seals PTFE Packing (3mm x 50mm)

2014/3/31      view:

100% White PTFE packings Description:

ptfe packing

1. 100% White PTFE packings is made of 100% white expanded PTFE yarn. Pure Teflon Packing contains no impregnant , has no lubricant, and has no finish treatment.

2. 100% White Teflon packings is designed for use in valves, but can be used in other low speed services.

3. Fast and simple to install, with minimum maintenance requirements. Pure Teflon Packing can be adjusted very finely and reduced to extremely low levels.

4. High chemical resistance, very low coefficients of friction.

5. 100% White PTFE packings is suitable for valves and pumps used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper mills, fiber plant, where high purity and corrosion resistance is required.

100% White Teflon packings Application:

100% White PTFE packings can be used in centrifugal and rotary shafts, reciprocating applications, and valve stems, sliders, mixers, vessels and pumps, power industry etc.

100% White PTFE packings Specification:

Rotary Pump Reciprocating Pump Valve
Pressure 20 100 200
Speed:m/s 22.8 3 1.5
PH Range 0-14
Temp. °C -180 to+260
Density (g/cm³) 1.3

100% White Teflon packings Size:

3mm*3mm to 50mm*50mm.

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