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OD. 1mm to 600mm PTFE tube by Pure Virgin PTFE resin

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ptfe tubing

Description of PTFE pipe

PTFE lines is made by polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene polymer,which has exemplary substance balance, corrosion- home, weight, sealing - lube,non-stick, padding that was power and zero that was great - aging energy, high that was exemplary and low temperature functionality.

The physical attributes of PTFE will soon be increased if then add additives, while keeping additional PTFE excellent performance.There are many varieties of fillers such as for example carbon toned, metallic oxides, graphite disulfide, glass fiber EKONOL and so forth.

PTFE conduit is very good regarding timber, low friction bearings, wheels. PTFE can be practically completely found in cryogenic pieces due to its ultra-low temperature that were operating. PTFE rod is frequently used for seals. PTFE rod has become an essential engineering plastic applied inside aeronautics and the aerospace business. PTFE is often applied within the foodstuff sector businesses. Another beneficial program over time has been to heat and heat transfer in the utilization of product or portion addresses because of its resistance. When a credit card applicatoin for power opposition becomes also highfor different products, a critical space cans populate.

Principal complex list

1.Working temperatures:-180°C to +260°C

2.Melting stage:327°C

3.Yield power:23MPa

4.Density: 2.10~2.30gANDcm3

5. Strength:18MPa

6. Elongation: 320PERCENTAGE

Specifications of MOULDED TUBE 
Specification Wall thickness (mm) Length (mm)
Φ10-Φ150 ≥5 ≤180
Φ150-Φ350 ≥5 ≤350
Φ350-Φ800 ≥8 ≤300

Top features of PTFE pipe

1.Anti-oxidation in every kinds of substances including nitric acid & nitrohydrochloric acid.

2.Characteristics:low-friction,without any lubrication need,lightweight,Proof to deterioration and scratching, Affect resistance,Dependable chemical homes,Oil resistance,warm resistance,Low temperature resistance, water resistance and so forth.

3.Working temperature:-180~+260°C.

4.Electric efficiency;excellent dielectric in methods.

5.Filled ptfe tube products(plastic conduit conduit) made from high-speed pairing PTFE resin and specific completing resin.

Formable and 6.Soft, chemical properties that are Fantastic etc.

Request of conduit that is PTFE

1.Electrical warmth areas (insulation tube of cable).

2.Sealing parts,auto parts, harsh water gateway,connector equipment.

3.Space nav,In machines,Civil- Chemical industry, design.

4.In coating, lubricating and sealing content,Dielectric at any wavelengths.

Thread shared is screwed by a conduit that is 5.In.

6.Elimination of fluid or fuel drip in the conduit.

7.Suitable for high temperature apps and therefore are inert and non -leaching.

8.Used being a sleeving regarding guarding cords,widely-used in high pressure hose software requiring along impulse living that is flexand, etc.

Presentation & Shipping & Payment Conditions

Appearance Information:Packed by film firstly then by carton or wooden case.

Shipping period: Within 7-15 times of the payment after bill.

Payment Phrases: D/H,T/TO,Western Nation.

Our benefit

1.Excellent staff

2.Strict Quality-Control

Quality products that are 3.Top

4.Innovative design staff

5.Fastest leadtime

6.The respond that is most fast

7.Highly administration that is successful

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