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The powerful effect of polytetrafluoroethylene films

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The powerful effect of polytetrafluoroethylene films

PTFE often called "master of plastic", is just a high molecular compound produced by polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene, has exceptional chemical balance, rust resistance, closing, lubrication isn't great anti and high viscosity, electric efficiency - stamina that is aging. Of Teflon PTFE, could be made as executive materials movie etc., pipe, rod, reel, dish PTFE membrane filtration may be used for atmospheric dirt, air-purification, the membrane pore dimension could be managed 0.2um, the porosity as high as 88PERCENT, composite and hook experienced, low-woven, glass-fiber fabric, system a such like several types of filtration substance could be covered filtration substance with area filtering efficiency, PTFE membrane filtration substance has high peel power, permeability, pore size equally dispersed. Whilst the dustbag or pleated tube dirt elimination equipment mounted within the inside, will begin to and effortlessly keep ultrafine dust calculated in microns, selection effectiveness as much as 99.99%, the support existence of 3 decades, ventilation price may achieve 3-6m/minute oxygen filter substance, happens to be the planetis innovative, the best option for several types of vacuum, air filter, air-purification gear, high performance air filter.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFF) goes to some group of fluorinated supplies, the substance has high heat. This material is non-combustible, so as insulating substance it is utilized. In most the plastic that is strong, PTFE has got the friction coefficient that is cheapest.

To prevent the pore pressure

After sintering, PTFE thickness that is empty will based on the various running problems and also the ensuing gem to from 2.1 ml. The thickness is fairly high when the chilling procedure is fairly sluggish. Then your substance may have high type balance, high hardness and high gem diploma. Sintering under pressure could make power and empty high thickness, with no pores created - this can be a prerequisite for films

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