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  • Brand:    PTFE Hose
  • Type:    OD 1mm to 32mm Paste Extruded PTFE Hose
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Their non-stick properties became commonly recognized by the consuming public when E. I. DuPont began marketing his “Teflon” brand product for use on cookware, as a fiber treatment for stain resistance, and in other household applications.

Fluoropolymer PTFE Hose is recognized for its excellent resistance to heat — up to 500°F continuously. Lesser known is its usefulness in extremely cold temperatures — well below -200°F. It will remain reasonably flexible to -110°F.

Because fluoropolymers PTFE are almost universally inert to industrial chemicals and solvents, their use for corrosion protection has become one of their largest growth areas. With few exceptions, fluoropolymer tubing can handle virtually any corrosive chemical in use today.

OD×ID (mm) 公差 (mm) OD×ID (mm) 公差 (mm)
Φ0.8×0.4 ±0.08 Φ12×10 ±0.2
Φ1×0.5 ±0.08 Φ14×12 ±0.2
Φ2×1 ±0.08 Φ16×14 ±0.2
Φ4×2 ±0.1 Φ18×16 ±0.3
Φ6×4 ±0.1 Φ20×18 ±0.3
Φ8×6 ±0.1 Φ22×20 ±0.3
Φ10×8 ±0.1 Φ24×21 ±0.3




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