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China supplier high quality colorful filled PTFE sheet

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  • Brand:    PTFE Sheet
  • Type:    0.1mm to 100mm PTFE Sheets, we have skived ptfe sheet, molded ptfe sheets, filled ptfe sheets and colorful ptfe sheets. by skived, molded and filled ptfe materials.
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PTFE sheet is manufactured by technique of compacting, sintering, rotary cutting with PTFE granular resin. It has good dielectric performance and non-aging, best anti chemistry corrosion ability and wide applying intension range


1.Use virgin or part recycled ptfe resin to make

2.The size :length and width:100x100~2000x1000mm,

3.thickness tolerance :0~+6%,is uniform,

4.Color:natural white,red,yellow,black and so on.

5.Surfact:smooth,no impurities,no black flat.

6.Perfect package :inside is plastic paper ,outside is fumigation wooden box.

7.Delivery time is usually 10days,as can according to the fact quantity to deliver


9.Tensile strength :20Mpa

10.Crack elongation:200%


Molded ptfe sheet Main properties
Properties Unit  Result 
Appatent density g/cm³ 2.10~2.30
Tensile strength(min) Mpa 15
Crack elongation(min) % 150
Dielectric strength(min) Kv/mm  10
Skived ptfe sheet Main properties
Property  Unit  Result 
Apparent density  g/cm³ 2.10~2.30
Tensile strength  Mpa 20
Crack elongation  % 250
Dielectric strength  Kv/mm  10
Molded ptfe sheet specifications
Length(mm) x Width(mm) Thikcness   
  Nominal  Tolerance 
100x100 1.0~30 -0.30~+0.50
150x150 1.5~30 -0.30~+0.50
250x250 1.5~30 -0.30~+0.50
300x300 1.5~30 -0.30~+0.50
500x500 2~30 -0.30~+0.50
600x600 3~30 -0.30~+0.50
800x800 3~30 -0.30~+0.50
1000x1000 3~30 -0.30~+0.50
1200x1200 3~30 -0.30~+0.50
1500x1500 5~35 -0.30~+0.60
2000x1000 5~35 -0.30~+0.60

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