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PTFE Gaskets

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  • Brand:    PTFE GASKET
  • Type:    OD 5mm to 2000mm PTFE Gasket: pure ptfe washer and filled ptfe gaskets.
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PTFE Gasket

  1. OD 5mm to 2000mm  
  2. thickness: 0.2mm to 100mm 
  3. Virgin PTFE Gaskets, Filled PTFE Gaskets. 

No. Type Specification Type Specification
1 RF 10A 53×18×3t FF 10A 90×18×3t
2 RF 15A 58×22×3t FF 15A 95×22×3t
3 RF 20A 63×28×3t FF 20A 100×28×3t
4 RF 25A 74×35×3t FF 25A 125×35×3t
5 RF 32A 84×43×3t FF 32A 135×43×3t
6 RF 40A 89×49×3t FF 40A 140×49×3t
7 RF 50A 104×61×3t FF 50A 155×61×3t
8 RF 65A 124×77×3t FF 65A 175×77×3t
9 RF 80A 134×90×3t FF 80A 185×90×3t
10 RF 90A 144×102×3t FF 90A 195×102×3t
11 RF 100A 159×115×3t FF 100A 210×115×3t
12 RF 125A 190×141×3t FF 125A 250×141×3t
13 RF 150A 220×167×3t FF 150A 280×167×3t
14 RF 200A 270×218×3t FF 175A 305×192×3t
15 RF 225A 290×244×3t FF 200A 330×218×3t
16 RF 250A 333×270×3t FF 250A 400×270×3t
17 RF 300A 378×321×3t FF 300A 445×321×3t
18 RF 350A 423×359×3t FF 350A 490×359×3t
19 RF 400A 486×410×3t FF 400A 560×410×3t
20 RF 450A 541×460×3t FF 450A 620×460×3t
21 RF 500A 596×513×3t FF 500A 675×513×3t
22 RF 600A 700×615×3t FF 550A 745×564×3t

PTFE enveloped gaskets ( PTFE jacket gaskets )




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